There are a thousand ways to solve a problem.

Thinking about performance can be crucial to get a stable end-product. I have often seen things go wrong at this crucial first step of designing a solution. When the first step goes wrong, the next steps will fall apart. Let’s go over a practical example together and see why this is so important.

Design for performance from the beginning. Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

A Solution Is Not Always A Good Solution

One of the biggest mistakes in development is simply developing “a solution”. We don’t want the first come first serve approach when it comes to developing solutions. Instead, take the time to think of a solution approach. Once you compare the pros and cons of different solutions…

This famous data structure mistake makes developers’ lives hell.

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Let’s have a look at a famous database structuring mistake and how we can avoid it. These mistakes can make the maintenance and further development of an application extremely difficult for no reason.

Date and time

This is the top one for developer frustrations. Wrongly structured time-related data can make it difficult to sort data, convert data, and show the correct time depending on the user’s timezone. Let’s stop this once and for all.

Date and time: The problem

Let’s take a look at the following database table users Do you see any issues with the following data?

A hands-on guide to transitioning to React Hooks

A laptop computer
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Are you still using class-based React components? Have you never had the chance to use React Hooks? You’re not alone — although React Hooks have been around a while, some developers still haven’t got round to using them yet.

In this article, we’ll show you how class-based components can be translated into React Hooks. We’ll also go into detail on each hook and explain its capabilities using code samples and exercises. By the end of this article, you should be a master of basic React Hooks.

React Component

Be sure to follow the examples and create them in a demo React app…

Are you really making useful comments in the codebase? Let’s find out.

There is technically no right or wrong when it comes to comments, but comments can have a big impact on efficiency. They can make developers’ lives much easier. Let’s take a look at some day-to-day comments and see how we can improve them.

Photo by Arnold Francisca on Unsplash

Example Comments

Let’s go through some example comments and see how these are performing. Afterward, we can define some rules to make comments more efficient and useful for developers.

Example #1: The “what” comment

Have a look at the following example, and make up your mind regarding this commenting style.

The comments seem to be duplicates of the code, while the code is…

JavaScript can be weird. Let’s demystify some quirks!

JavaScript is a fun language with an incredible amount of possibilities. However, it doesn’t come without its quirks, or does it? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite and funny quirks in JavaScript.

Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash

1. Logical comparison

If a == b and b == c , then surely, a == c , right? Let’s find out and open up our JavaScript console.

> 0 == "0"
< true
> 0 == []
< true
> "0" == []
< false

Apparently, this is not always the case with JavaScript! The abstract comparison with only two equal signs will work differently depending on…

Initiation to AWS CloudFormation

A hands-on guide to using AWS CloudFormation for setting up your serverless application

Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

Let’s learn about CloudFormation templates, and how we can use them to create serverless applications. This guide is very hands-on and will let you become much more familiar with manipulating CloudFormation templates.

This is an example of a typical company/enterprise setup. For professional projects, developers often do not have access to all the features in the AWS console and have to deploy the infrastructure changes using CloudFormation. If you are ever stuck during the hands-on guide, the full code can be found at the end of the article.

If you haven’t worked with serverless applications yet, have a look at…

A Journey to Improving SEO ranking.

A critical journey to improve my website’s SEO. Here is how I did it.

Here’s my 2-month long journey going from an Alexa ranking of 6.7M to a ranking of 2.1M (lower is better). This is a 4 671 803 increase in my Alexa ranking. We will discuss strategies I used to make this happen. For instance, moving to static websites, hosting migrations, and performance tweaking. While 2.1M is not the best ranking on Alexa, it is a significant step up from 6.7M.

The website discussed in this article sells software plugins for the MyBB forum software. I was once on the developer team of this open-source software.

How I Got Started

I needed a front-end for displaying…

A hands-on guide to setting up your first serverless application

Serverless applications are gaining popularity lately. Let’s go through the basics and learn to set up your own serverless application within minutes.

Photo by Christina @ / Unsplash

In this guide, we will look at the core concepts of serverless applications and build one using AWS Lambda. This guide will not teach you how to program, or how to write SQL, instead, it focuses solely on teaching you how to use and write serverless applications to your benefit.

Note, this guide will require an AWS account for setting up a serverless lambda. …

Have you struggled finding a great blogging platform?

I’ve tried many different CMS systems over the years, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and so on. They all didn’t look very modern and aren’t optimized for speed, SEO, and reliability. Oftentimes, these will even require plugins to be fully optimized.

Other options are often quite expensive while not providing the best functionalities. In this article, we’ll take a look at Ghost CMS and how to easily set it up on AWS.

Meet Ghost

Ghost CMS is a content-driven blogging platform that allows users to read blog posts in a content-focused manner, while writers can write posts in a clean, distraction-free interface. …

Should you get the new M1 Mac, or wait for the next generation? I bought an M1 MacBook, here’s why.

Photo by Tianyi Ma / Unsplash

A lot of people have been asking whether they should wait for the next generation of Macs, or buy an M1, let’s dive into it.

The news of the new MacBook M1 generation has been trending a lot, and it is much bigger news than many of Apple’s previous releases. Not only due to the fact that the new M1 processors are incredibly fast but also due to the proven design Apple is using.

The MacBook generations since 2016 often had a variety of issues.

  • Keyboard issues due to dust falling in-between keys — Source
  • Overheating issues — Source
  • Thin…

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