A NoSQL Comparison from a developer point of view.

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DynamoDB Setup

MongoDB Setup

Stay up to date — technology will not wait for you

person working at a computer
person working at a computer
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  • attended a conference?
  • attended a course?
  • read through documentation to stay up to date with new features?
  • made your own project?
  • solved an integral formula?

What Should I Do?

Certification Paths Explained

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Typical AWS pricing for a MERN stack example

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The common pitfalls revealed of developing multi-lingual Gatsby websites

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Choosing a plugin

It has been available since 2017, but nobody knows about it.

Own your errors, with Error Boundaries. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Why Should I Use It?

Reactified HTML Elements with state management? Dive into the world of web components.

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What are HTML Custom Elements?

Creating a First Custom Element

There are a thousand ways to solve a problem.

Design for performance from the beginning. Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

A Solution Is Not Always A Good Solution

This famous data structure mistake makes developers’ lives hell.

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Date and time

Date and time: The problem

A hands-on guide to transitioning to React Hooks

A laptop computer
A laptop computer
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React Component

Kevin Van Ryckegem

Enthusiastic Software Architect, Team Lead and Small Business Owner

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